Tony and Sheila (Family First)

Tony and Sheila were dating for two years. Tony always dreaded going to visit Sheila’s parents because he had better things to do – or so he thought. I would ask him about her family and he just responded, “They’re a’ight.” I expected more information or more of a reaction but never got one. It wasn‟t until they started planning their wedding that he realized what he was dealing with. Her mom and sisters were so controlling of every decision that he felt like he no longer had a voice in his own wedding.

Tony thought that this would pass once the wedding was over. WRONG ANSWER!! It actually got worse. Sheila’s sisters and mom were so involved in every aspect of his relationship that he would often complain that he felt like he had four wives instead of one.

This is partly true because Tony never took the time to figure out what his future in-laws were like before popping the question. He and Sheila are still married but there is a lot of stress in the relationship because she is about to have a baby and the cavalry is once again closing in.

No, he could not have changed his mother-in-law or sisters-in-law by completing this exercise but he would have had more insight into what he was marrying into by doing a little more due diligence on the front end.

(to be continued)

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